That, too! Our cooks ALWAYS have their camera phones out, usually resting in one of the windows while they're looking at the screen, and it's hard to tell if they're checking facebook, looking for music to play in the kitchen, or taking pics of the girls. Every time one of the "weirder" cooks has their phone out, I… » 7/30/14 6:27pm Wednesday 6:27pm

Reminds me of the time I was at a gas station buying a pack of cigarettes, and the clerk said "we have them on special, buy 2 save $1?" And I said "no thanks, I'm quitting soon, so I'made trying to cut back." And then some smug asshole (in his 40s, I'm guessing) behind me goes "pssh. Quitting is for LOSERS." » 7/30/14 1:19am Wednesday 1:19am

Yup. Our kitten grew awfully fast, and was at 17lbs at 8 months old. My vet said as long as you can see a slight dip in their hips from the stomach, that means they're not too overweight. But 17lbs still seemed kind of heavy to me, so I went home and found out my husband was giving him an ENTIRE day's worth of food in… » 7/29/14 11:16pm Tuesday 11:16pm

Oh, I'm excited to read your responses! I've been eyeballing Erase Paste for a while now, but have been afraid of buying it if it doesn't work! I've been using Benefit's Boi-Ing concealer, which actually does the best job out of everything I've tried so far, but I can still see a slight shade of purple coming through… » 7/29/14 11:10pm Tuesday 11:10pm

Were you raised in a strict Christian household? (I only ask, because I was, and grew up being told that sex was "bad," so I had to work on overcoming that before I could really enjoy it...I sometimes still struggle with it, tbh...) » 7/28/14 10:13pm Monday 10:13pm

I assume the soapy water will do it for me. The only time I ever really scrub my feet is if I KNOW they're dirty from walking around in flip flops all day or something, and I usually sit on the edge of the tub and scrub them under the faucet real good before bed. » 7/28/14 6:32pm Monday 6:32pm

Violet is angry, so her revenge is to kill a faerie who (unless I'm mistaken) has nothing to do with the reason she's pissed off. OK. And awesome, another plot (save Adeline from the jilted vampire lady!) line being introduced halfway through the final season.... ummm.... there's already enough going on right now that… » 7/28/14 1:41am Monday 1:41am

I'm biased in that my husband has a multitude of Gerbers...he's in the military and swears by them - he has more than a couple different kinds. And me leaving "MY" Gerber in the laundry room saved me when I went to do laundry and the door somehow closed itself behind me and the doorknob broke AT THE SAME TIME. Without… » 7/27/14 5:32pm Sunday 5:32pm

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